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I have been busy, on and off, with designing from my 15th. I have been improved and learned a lot during the last 4 year. I'm not having a specific style. Because I like to try a lot of styles out. My most used programs are photoshop and illustrator. (firefox) see ya

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

13 June 09

Handle With Care
This design has been posted about a month ago on DBH, but can still use some support to get it printed.

This design is made by yonil, and has the following short description: "A design all about love. The idea, the emotion, the concept, relationships and whatnot."
For me this description really adds greatness to the design.
A box of carton is probably the most used product in the world, and an object that stands miles away from love. Yet when looking at this design you get not that industrial and cold feeling you would expect.
So that's bulleyes for me.
Technical I like the grunge used and the irregularities in the design. Like the left bottom arm it tears the symetrical factor into parts (love it)
There are made some other good choices too: the colors and "not making the arms/hands realistic".
Anyway, this is a design worthy to print, so give it some love at DBH.
Make sure to check his awesome site too LINK
He has made multiple illustrations for incubus, can it be on a better time than this with the contest at dbh?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12 June 09

Escape From Technautolis
This latest design from iQuitt scored alot of votes in a short amount of time on Designbyhumans.
No wonder, because the illustration grabs your intention immediately. iQuitt shows he has some massive drawingskills again and again.

The illustration has a sketchy feeling and stays clean at the same time.
When looking at the full artwork picture, the perspective and the lens effect are blowing my mind away.
And I find it a pitty that the lens effect doesn't translate that good on the mock-up. Because of the all-over print with the lens-effect there's almost no neg. space.
But I think when this sees print (I'm pretty sure it will, if not on DBH it will elsewhere) it will give almost everyone the Oh "I-gotta-buy-this-baby"-look.
So give if it some fantastic love at Designbyhumans. VOTE HERE

To support this even more head over to emptees and give it a fav there.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Nastee-designs gave birth

After a week of being pregnant Nastee-designs presents it's little baby.
After struggeling for hours the baby popped out his head, and became free to download for all t-shirtfans over the world.
The baby has been named: The Nastee-designs-Widget. version 1.1

The widget is going to help everyone to keep track of the latest and (most important) the designs with the biggest awesome-factor.
It can't be more easy to check your dashboard, and take a look if new reviews are been added to Nastee-designs. If you cannot do this, I would recommand you to go to a doctor or buy a macintosh.
(Widget's are only compatible with mac's, or is there someway it does work on windows? Let me know if it can)

This widget is in it's childshoes (baby-shoes) and for growing up it will need to go trough some fases (versions).
So if you have any comments, critiques or ideas for improving this version into a second version, DO SO.

For download click on widgetsymbol.

OpenSource: Because I'm not highly skilled in making widgets i give my dashcodefile as well (LINK). People who has some skills and wanna play with it can send me their version to Maybe I can return the favor afterwards with something else. AND CREDIT OF COURSE.
link to dashcode-file


Saturday, June 13, 2009

11 June 09

Smoky Heaven

Smoky Heaven is a design made by svenh.
It's a one color design, all over and illustrates a nice looking scene.
What I like about it is the sketchy feeling and the use of weight.
With the weight I mean the contrast between the bottom (the reaper) and the angel on the top. In the bottom are the shadows dominant, while the opposite happens by the angel. It hink this contrast is what helping to look good on the mock-up.
So together with the fact that the theme/concept/scene is something anybody can wear it on a tee make me wanna give this a vote.
Check it out and give it some support.


10 June 09

Another amazing threadless-submission, from an amazing artist.
I give you "Mission Accomplished" from alexmdc.

In my head I was trying to order the good and bad points, but it seems I can't find any bad point. So I will just be pointing out what I find so good about this design.
First of all I love the placement. In my opinion this is one of the best placements I have seen in a while. The neg. space on the left shoulder, keeps the design from being to much.
The linework, the composition and that cool expression on that cat's face finishes it for me. Personal I like the 1-color version the most.
Anyway voted for sure, hope you give it some vote-love too.

ps. Make sure to check his other submission and wins out, they are all amazing.

Mission Accomplished - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

09 June 09

After a couple of days without any design been posted I have to make it up to you guys.
So I will start of with a submission called paint the world from 110specialblack.

The first thing I notice that it isn't the anything like the avarage submission you find back on DBH. But the techniques used here together with the use of color makes this stand out.
The shades let me think on some techniques that tattoodesigners uses. Because of the use to outline almost everything on the inside with white, and just than start with the shadows. (Hope you understand my rattle here.)
The colours does remind probably everyone to cmyk-designs. But it obviously is not, it is even not RGB (the red looks to be a darker shade). But the colors just work on a tee and that's what's important.

So for this work get's my vote because of the shadows, the colors and his "differnet than others-factor".
Check it out and give it some support if you like it too.

Vote here

Monday, June 8, 2009

08 June 09

Origin late Middle English (in the sense (prevaricating excuse)): via Old French from Latin evasio(n-), from evadere.

click on the pic to get the fullview

This design from Oiseau is a design that I liked from the moment I saw it.
The use of black and white is perfect. The style that does remind me at old drawings when they started to learn about the human anatomy was always near my heart.
But the face isn't anatomy based (organic it is) yet it looks that way. *IMPRESSED*
Anyway This shirt I would love to wear.
So it got my vote.
Hope it get's your vote as well.
Let this be printed!!!