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I have been busy, on and off, with designing from my 15th. I have been improved and learned a lot during the last 4 year. I'm not having a specific style. Because I like to try a lot of styles out. My most used programs are photoshop and illustrator. (firefox) see ya

Monday, June 8, 2009

08 June 09

Origin late Middle English (in the sense (prevaricating excuse)): via Old French from Latin evasio(n-), from evadere.

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This design from Oiseau is a design that I liked from the moment I saw it.
The use of black and white is perfect. The style that does remind me at old drawings when they started to learn about the human anatomy was always near my heart.
But the face isn't anatomy based (organic it is) yet it looks that way. *IMPRESSED*
Anyway This shirt I would love to wear.
So it got my vote.
Hope it get's your vote as well.
Let this be printed!!!



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