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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12 June 09

Escape From Technautolis
This latest design from iQuitt scored alot of votes in a short amount of time on Designbyhumans.
No wonder, because the illustration grabs your intention immediately. iQuitt shows he has some massive drawingskills again and again.

The illustration has a sketchy feeling and stays clean at the same time.
When looking at the full artwork picture, the perspective and the lens effect are blowing my mind away.
And I find it a pitty that the lens effect doesn't translate that good on the mock-up. Because of the all-over print with the lens-effect there's almost no neg. space.
But I think when this sees print (I'm pretty sure it will, if not on DBH it will elsewhere) it will give almost everyone the Oh "I-gotta-buy-this-baby"-look.
So give if it some fantastic love at Designbyhumans. VOTE HERE

To support this even more head over to emptees and give it a fav there.



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